Here's What some  parents and teachers Are Saying:






Mrs. Betty Ravin,             President of RKK Museum, Kerala, India.

It is a good book on parenting its simple and full of facts. People from all walks of life can understand and will benefit from reading.






Prof Dr Y K Chan, mother of two sons, University Malaya Medical Centre, Kuala Lumpur

Wrote: "Ann, I finished reading your book on parenting and I am totally impressed. I'll put into practice all the pearls inside.







Dr P Mohamed Ali.        Father of four children. Chairman, Caledonian College of Engineering, Oman.

After reading our Practical Parenting book said:"It's a good book, well written."


Dr Da Costa JL, Singapore Medical Prof,   father of two sons. After reading our book said:  

"Hi Ann, your parenting book is a good book, all Singapore parents must read it."





Ms SK Yap, Singapore, mother of a teenage daughter, after reading wrote:

 "Great book! I've read quite a few parenting books   but yours is the most concise with valuable tips that every parent will find them helpful in sharpening their parenting skills.






Dr.  S L Yap, Singapore. Mother of 4 children, after reading our book wrote:

"Hi Ann, your book is well written, simple and precise.     I'm a much happier mother now. Thanks."


Some photos of our parenting seminars:




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Some institutions which have benefited from our recent parenting seminars:  







Penang Phor Tay High





Fairview International PG






Chung Ling High School






Sri KL Intl School 






Foon Yew High Sch






St. Joseph Institution Spore






Sri Garden International






Union High Sch Penang






Han Chiang High Sch






Heng Ee High School






Chong Hwa Ind High Sch  






SMJK Chong Hwa KL






Kuen Cheng High Sch






Yoke Nam Pri Sch
























Lai Meng Pri School






Hin Hua High Sch Klang






Kwang Hua Priv. High Sch













Penang Chinese Girls High






Kwang Hwa Pri Sch






Tsun Jin  Pri Sch






Tmn Connaught Pri Sch












Chong Wen Pri Sch




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How to Understand and Communicate Effectively with your Children?

How to Overcome Common Parenting Scenarios in a Practical way?

Do you want to be an effective and child-loved parent with proven simplified parenting tips that deliver results?

Discover how to Communicate and Connect with your child.  Gain your child’s Trust, Respect and Love with the Proven Quick and Easy Parenting Guide that thousands have already used to succeed in Parenting Teens.

Learn to make changes and build your Parenting Skill with Effective Step-by-Step Parenting Guide. Improve your Child's    Self-Confidence, Behavior and Health. Guide your child to achieve better results in his studies.

Because further down this very page, I’m going to let you in on A Number of Proven Practical Parenting Secrets that will improve your Parenting Style right away, and help you and your family to achieve inner peace. Believe me, if you are serious about improving your relationship with your teenage children, you will most certainly succeed.        

These days, parenting demands greater effort than ever before on the part of  parents to meet and overcome parenting scenarios. To be Successful in Parenting is to Listen More, and Understand it. A Clearer Understanding of your children will give you great help in guiding your children into the right paths. And that’s why this page is here for you. Don’t do it alone when someone can help!

If you care enough to be a good parent, you will most certainly succeed to be the best parent you could ever be!

Please Read This Letter Carefully If Your Child Does Matter To You!

From Ann Law
Founder, Parent’s Torch Centre




I am blessed with three children. My husband left me when my youngest child was only six. I struggled to cope with my work, my 3 children and my social life.  I asked myself at that juncture of my life: " Which one is the priority in my life?" After much thought I decided my 3 children are the top priority in my life. Though life was hard but I felt good after making my decision; and now

My eldest child received a BSc from the University of New South Wales in Australia, and a Master in International Relation from the Maxwell School of Syracuse University in the USA.

My middle child graduated Magna cum Laude from Brown University in the USA, and studied a Masters in Architecture and Landscape Architecture at the Graduate School of Design of Harvard University.

My youngest child graduated Magna cum Laude with honors from Brown University in the USA and received a Master of International Corporation in Architecture from Universitat Internacional de Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain.

Dear Parent,

Do you have confidence in your teenage daughter or son?                             Do you find it difficult to understand and motivate your teenage children? Do you find it hard to discipline your teens? Are you unsure about how to communicate with your offspring? What do you do when your teenager children refuse to talk or listen to you?

Have you ever asked yourself How can you improve your relationship with your children? Can you use a better parenting style to communicate with your teenage daughter or son effectively? Can you interact with your teenage children more skillfully so that you really partake in their education and personal growth?

Dear fellow parent, you are not alone in parenting teenagers. I have had the same worries as you and know how difficult (and sometimes impossible) it may be to communicate with teenage children. When the flames of hope dwindled to a flicker, I had to fan them with everything I possessed to keep them from going out. It was the faith and love in my children that tided me and my children over these rough times and saw our family through. 

I have been through countless days of frustration, but I have managed to turn my woes into wisdom by listening to the best parenting teachers I could ever find: My Children.

But why should you trust
advice as a parent?

As a parent I have had to adjust my parenting style over 32 years, because my children are very different from one another. Each of them presents a different set of needs and problems. Now, due to my loving relationship with my children and their excellent behavior and academic achievement, I have often been asked for parenting advice by my family, friends and people I know. Each time, I simply showed fellow parents what worked in my cases. Time and again, my advice worked.

Over the years, I found myself giving the same advice over and over again. Encouraged by the repeated success that my words have had on parents and children around me, I decided I should share my experience systematically, so that I can help parents whom I may never have a chance to meet. So I started to recollect my own experience on paper and gather all the success stories of parenting that I have been so fortunate to be a part of. At the same time, I read as many materials and books about parenting as I could.

The result is a complete yet concise parenting guide entitled: “There Is No Secret to Practical Parenting”. You will discover 7 most common scenarios faced by parents, their symptoms, reasons and practical solutions

To make things simple, you will identify each scenario by one word:

Talk, Listen, Study, Lazy, Spoilt, Addicted and Dating. You will also learn some real-life examples on a no-name basis.

The parenting style and tips described in the book is simplified and easy to learn because it is the same tried-and-tested way that has been refined over years of parenting. You can save yourself two decades of searching and learn it this very weekend from what is likely to become one of your most valuable companions in your parenting journey.

Can you Overcome these 7 most Common

Scenarios in Parenting ?

Why doesn’t your child talk to you?
How can you make your child listen to you?
Why doesn’t your child study?
What makes your child lazy?
How do children become
Why is your child
addicted to …?
What do you do when your child starts

I know that you love your children and want to be a good parent. And I'm sure you've explored several resources to improve your parenting skill. “There Is No Secret to Practical Parenting” will guide you step-by-step as you learn to identify 7 scenarios/challenges that you are most likely to see in your children, and to overcome each of them systematically. You could save thousands of dollars on counseling and more important, precious years of quality time with your children.

“There Is No Secret To Practical Parenting” is
going to teach you a number of things:

  • Special chapter on TALK will help you to understand why your teenage children is giving you that cold shoulder, and show you what you can do to get your child talking to you again.
  • How can you get your Teenage Children to LISTEN to you? You will learn the key to unlock the door of communication between you and your children.
  • Tackle the topic of STUDY skillfully, and get tips on how to focus on your immediate concerns over your children’s education.
  • Discover the hidden reason why your Teenage Children are LAZY, and acquire a list of things that you can do to motivate your children.
  • Spotlight on SPOILT will clear a path for your Teenage Child to grow into a reasonable person. Uncover the answers to Why do children become spoilt? And how can you prevent it from happening to your children?”
  • Satisfy your curiosity on why Teenage Children become ADDICTED to games, phones and drugs etc. Let the simple, step-by-step guide help you win your battle to Get your Teenage Children away from Addiction.
  • How could DATING go so wrong? Find out why Teenagers start dating. Learn how to prepare your children so that they will not get injured by their emotions.
  • Earn the respect and trust of your Rebellious Teenage Children, improve your relationships with them and turn them into Exemplary Youths with the Revolutionary Practical Parenting Tips.

Can you build a bridge for your teens to  cross over        to you out of respect and love?

How can parenting be possible without effective communication? 

Is there a better way than to harden your heart and apply a harsh approach to parenting? Rather than beat your children into temporary obedience, can you Get your children to communicate with you and therefore let you Understand them and their Challenges in the long run?

In my book “There Is No Secret To Practical Parenting”, I will explain how you can start communicating with your children today and thus understand what they think, how they are feel and what they value most in their crucial years as teenagers. Once you know that, real parenting begins. And you will see, real parenting is more like a longstanding friendship.

Here are the important parenting tips 

Your Children Wish You Knew!

It takes JUST 3 HOURS to read the Quick & Easy

Proven Guide Book and you will Discover:

  • What are the 5 important reasons why your child chooses not to talk to you? Our step-by-step guide will discuss the reasons and ways to get your child talking to you again, and thus improve your relationship with your child. (Pg 4)

  • What can you do when your child refuses to Listen to you? Don’t get angry when your children refuse to listen up. Instead, reflect on the way you speak to your child. Here are 6 ways to connect with your child so that your child will listen to you with respect and trust. (Pg 12)

  • Why don’t your children study? Why would they avoid going to school and decide not to graduate? Learn to understand the five aspects of study: institution, time management, subjects, teacher and graduation. Treat a good education for your child as the best investment you will ever make. (Pg 21)

  • What will you do when your child is lazy and has no drive? How to get your child to be energetic and hardworking? What are the things that a lazy child will do, and why is that so? Do you know why lazy children choose the easiest way out and keep their expectations low? (Pg 32)

  • How can you get your child to be reasonable? Who spoilt your child? Your child becomes spoilt if people around her repeatedly give in to her demands without thinking… (pg 44)

  • What are the common things that teenage children get addicted to? How to prevent or cure a child’s addiction? A child is addicted to something if he cannot live without it. Why can’t an addict quit his addiction? (Pg 53)

  • Why do young people start dating? How to prevent your child from becoming a victim of romantic love? How to get your child to date wisely? Why dating could go so wrong… (Pg 62)

For more testimonials “click” here

Dear fellow parents,

You must take responsibility and pride in bringing up your children. Your children are priceless.

Forgive yourself if you have not been a caring parent, and forgive your children for whatever mistakes they may have made. You can’t let your teenage children be destroyed by a single mistake or defeat, or  let others set the limits on your children's ability to achieve. 

Learn how to avoid hurtful parenting styles  with Effective and Children-friendly Skills, so that both you and your children are happier. Our desire is to make these parenting tips bring lasting return for good. A More Enlightened Parenthood. Love your child by learning more about parenting.

Act Now! Help yourself  to become a better parent  by learning more, it is the best thing you can do, for yourself and for your children.


There is No Secret to

Practical Parenting

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Practical Parenting


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Act Now and try it out. It will only work for you if you take action and start reading and applying. Don't put it off another day -  I know my books are effective and thousands of parents have benefited from them. Enjoy your parenthood, start transforming the future for yourself and your children.

Ordering is easy and will only take a minute. Its Risk Free!              

I offer my full 100% guarantee so that you can try it. And then please remember to email me and let me know how you and your children are getting on.       

Thank you for your time.

To Your Success In Parenting!

Have a blessed day.


Ann Law
Founder, Parent’s Torch Centre

P.S. How much happier you and your child will be after you learn and apply these effective parenting skills and practical tips! So Why Wait?

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