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Mrs L.G Thomson Singapore, Church volunteer, mother of 3 children wrote:

Hi Ann, I read your     FengShui Parenting book and rearranged things at home, changed our sleeping sitting position.   I feel a new energy now. My income increased, my children are doing better  in their exams. I'm reading it many times. I've read other books on  this subject but yours is easy to  understand. Thanks for a great book.






Mrs Shirley Kok Auckland NZ mother of    2 teenage children wrote via email:

Thank you once again for the valuable information found in the 2 titles of your book. These are very interesting and practical tips for mothers like me. I find it so good that I read it over and over again. This is my 3rd time reading. I do not find anything more to add on. They are so very precise and easy to understand.

Today, flipping over one more time to see whether we have anything more to shift and alter the things around us. What a good tip! Thanks.






Mr Li ZeHou          Financial Consultant. Hong Kong. Father of        3 children wrote:

I enjoy reading both your parenting books. My wife likes your simple yet effective Feng Shui tips. It's true, like what you wrote, Feng Shui is not a religion or superstition, it's merely a skill and I am grateful to have learn this through your book. Thanks..



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Now, Do You Want to Give Your Child an Edge in Life to Succeed?

How to Improve Your Children's Studies, Health  and Behavior?

Discover How You Can Overcome Your Children's Problems and Improve Their Lives with Simplified and Effective Ancient Chinese Geomancy Secrets?                                                       How the Energy of "The Trinity of Cosmic" can Enhance your Children's Luck and be Successful ?                                                      Learn How to Apply this Proven Quick and Easy Tips to Turn Luck in your Children's favors.

"Feng Shui" is the Chinese Ancient Art of Geomancy which has been practiced for more than 2,500 years. It is neither spiritual nor religious; so you need not have to believe in it. Simply apply and you will know how it really works. It is a living skill that comes with practice, similar  to 'cooking", 'painting" and "gardening" etc.,

The basis of Feng Shui is that the universe is made up of positive and negative energy. Good Feng Shui ensures that your child lives in the realm of positive energy, and is thus healthy, loved, successful and lucky!

Ancient Chinese spent more than 5000 years researching the force in the universe and the effect on mankind. They discovered that the type of energy you received will affect your  life. The Cosmic Energy from the Universe influence your child's health, your child's luck, your child's behaviors and your child's relationships with others.

Because further down this very page, I’m going to let you in on A Number of Proven Ancient Chinese Geomancy (Feng Shui) Parenting Secrets that will improve your Parenting skill effectively and give your children an edge to succeed in life. Save yourself from paying hefty sums of money to engage consultant. It is very simple and easy to apply, no renovation of your homes is needed!  You can do it for yourself and your children.

Please Read This Letter Carefully If Your Child Does Matter To You!

From Ann Law
Founder, Parent’s Torch Centre



I am blessed with three children. My eldest child has received a BSc from the University of New South Wales in Australia, and a Master in International Relation from the Maxwell School of Syracuse University in the USA.

My middle child has graduated Magna cum Laude from Brown University in the USA, and studied a Masters in Architecture and Landscape Architecture at the Graduate School of Design of Harvard University.

My youngest child has graduated Magna cum Laude with honors from Brown University in the USA and received a Master of International Corporation in Architecture from Universitat Internacional de Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain.

Dear Parent,

Do you have problems with your children's studies? Is there anything you can do to help your child if your child studies diligently, but perform poorly in school?  Why is that your child is lack of motivation? Do you find it hard to help your child to take back his self-confidence? Do you find it difficult to understand why your child is lazy and rebellious? Have you wonder why your child falls ill easily or suffer from headache always?

Dear fellow parent, Have you ever ask yourself - How to Give Your Child an Edge in Life? Natural ability alone is not enough for your child to succeed. There are many frustrated geniuses in the world! Luck plays a very important part. So, as parent, how are you going to turn luck in your children favour?

But Why Should You Trust My Advice As A Parent?

I am blessed with the knowledge of ancient Chinese geomancy (Feng Shui) from an old master whose name I shall withhold out of respect for his privacy. Since his passing, I have continued researching on the "Trinity of Cosmic"; and I realized that the most powerful thing in the universe is the invisible. Cosmic energy is invisible!

As parent, I have been through countless days of frustration, but I have managed to apply my "Feng Shui" knowledge to overcome some of my parenting problems. Just to share with you one of the many true experiences I have had with my children:

When my youngest child was studying at the Brown University, she encountered problems with one of her class subjects even though she studied diligently. Everything went wrong no matter how hard she tried! She was at the verge of quitting the class.

So I flew from Singapore to USA, went to her classroom on a weekend, checked the direction of her sitting position, tilted her old big bulky computer screen, so that she would  face her good direction whilst seated. Since then, her problem with the class subject declined and eventually scored a distinction for that class!

Over the years, I have been offering my "Feng Shui" advice to people around me, especially parents for their children. Most of the parents were surprised that my "Feng Shui" tips were so simple and yet effective! Honestly, the "simplest" thing is the most beautiful thing!

Heartened by the repeated success that my "Feng Shui" tips have had on these families, I decided to share my knowledge in a broader way, so that other parents whom I may never have  a chance to meet can also use this simple "Feng Shui" tips to improve their lives and their children's lives. I began to think of a way to share this knowledge, and I decided to write down in a simple and easy to understand format. The result is a concise " Feng Shui" parenting guide entitled: "There Is No Secret To Feng Shui Parenting" You will discover how to enlighten some of your parenting problems with the help of these "Feng Shui" Tips!

        “There Is No Secret To Feng Shui Parenting”

      A Simplified and Easy to Use Guide that will Show You Step-by-Step:

  • How to maintain good flow of positive energy in your child’s bedroom and study?
  • How to use Ancient Chinese Feng Shui to help remedy problems related to your child’s health, studies and behavior?
  • What is The Grand Duke of Jupiter? How does the cosmic energy from the largest planet in the solar system affect your child’s performance?
  • How to find the good directions which enhance your child's energy based on his or her gender and date of birth?
  • How to use the five elements (Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth) in Feng Shui to create a positive and balanced environment for your child?

Ensure your Children Grow to their Full Potential    and Achieve Success

In my book 'There Is No Secret To Feng Shui Parenting" I will show how simple it is to check, plan and make changes to your children’s bedroom and study without having to do any renovation to your homes! You will learn how to overcome your children's problems and improve their lives. You could save thousands of dollars on engaging a consultant!  And more important, you will be learning a living  skill that will benefit both you and your children for the rest of your life.

“There Is No Secret To Feng Shui Parenting” is a book which will attempt to explain how "Feng Shui"  is  about energy, "Feng Shui" is simple and "Feng Shui" is nothing mysterious. Now, You can learn this skill easily with the help of this simplified step-by-step guide.

         It takes just 2 hours to read this               Step-by-Step Guide Book and you will     Learn a Number of Things:

Learn to check, plan and make changes to your child’s bedroom and study. (Pg 5) The space, cleanliness and color of your children’s rooms can affect the flow of positive energy in their rooms. How to choose a correct bed and study desk, where to place the bed and desk so that your children can grow to their full potential.

Apply Positive Energy to overcome problems with your children’s health, studies and behavior. (Pg 24) When your children have frequent or serious problems with their health, studies and behavior, it could be because the Feng Shui of your children’s room is out of balance. If your children are lazy and rebellious, check the direction of her bedroom door.

How the movement of planets in our solar system can affect cosmic energy on Earth and your children’s well-being. (Pg 29) Feng Shui takes into account the energy from the largest planet in the solar system, Jupiter. It is important not to offend the Grand Duke of Jupiter which is also known as “God of the Year”.

How to identify the direction of the Grand Duke of Jupiter and appease the Grand Duke of Jupiter. (Pg 33) To prevent personal misfortune and illness, it is strongly recommended that you appease the Grand Duke of Jupiter. If your children sit with their backs directly to the Grand Duke of Jupiter, they will enjoy the Grand Duke’s support in everything they do.

How the sleeping and sittings directions and the direction of the room door can affect your child’s health, behavior and studies. (Pg 39) Find the personal directions for your child. The “Best Luck” direction brings great success and excellent academic luck. The “Love and Family” direction can improve your child’s relationship with you and her loved ones.

Learn to use a western-style compass to check the personal directions for your child. (Pg 51) To check your child’s sleeping direction, place the compass at the centre of the bed. Your child’s sleeping direction is where the top of his or her head points to when she is sleeping (see illustrated photos in the book).

Every direction is associated with an element – Earth, Fire, Metal, Water or Wood. (Pg 56) In Feng Shui, the five elements constantly interact with one another in three ways: strengthen, destroy or weaken. Their relationship is represented in the form of three cycles which can affect the flow of positive energy to your child.

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What is The Trinity of Cosmic?

The Trinity of Cosmic: Heaven, Earth and Human

Heaven- energy from the day when your children were born-this is something
your children cannot choose.
Earth - energy from where your children were born, where you live, where you
work - this is something you can improve for yourself and your children      

Human - energy from what your children do, what you and your children  contribute and your children living lifestyles. - this is something you can decide.


Dear Fellow Parents, you play a very important part in shaping your children's future. Learn this proven, simple, and easy skill to improve your children's studies, health, and behavior.


Act Now! Help yourself  to become a   more Effective Parent  by learning more,   it is the best thing you can do, for yourself and for your children !


           There is No Secret to          Feng Shui Parenting

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Feng Shui Parenting Checklist

(This checklist is to help you get started and put your knowledge into practice. Tick through the list of things you should do to improve your child's studies, health and behavior).

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Act Now and try it out. It will only work for you if you take action and start reading and applying. Don't put it off another day -  I know my books are effective and thousands of parents have benefited from them. Enjoy your parenthood, start applying positive energy for yourself and your children.

Ordering is easy and will only take a minute. Its Risk Free!                  I offer my full 100% guarantee so that you can try it. And then please remember to email me and let me know how you and your children are getting on.              Thank you for your time.

To Your Success In Parenting!

Have a blessed day!


Ann Law
Founder, Parent’s Torch Centre

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