Some photos of our  parenting seminars:

SJKC Jinjiang 1 KL 

Penang Chung Ling Pte High 

SJKC Davidson KL

St. Joseph Institution, Spore

Penang Chinese Girls High

Penang Phor Tay High

Tamn Connaught Primary, KL

Penang Union Primary

Foon Yew High JB

Yoke Nam Primary KL

Penang Union High

Penang Heng Ee High


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Some institutions which have benefited from our parenting seminars:





Sjkc Chung Kwo  KL




Sjkc Khai Chee KL








St. Joseph Institution Spore




Chung Ling High School PG




Penang Chinese Girls High




Kwang Hwa Pri Sch PG




Penang Phor Tay High Sch




Han Chiang High Sch PG




Heng Ee High School PG




Foon Yew High Sch JB




SJK(C) Tsun Jin KL



Lai Meng Primary Sch KL




Kuen Cheng High School




Chong Hwa Ind High Sch KL




Yoke Nam Primary School




Hin Hua High School Klang




Kwang Hua Priv High Klang



Sri KL International School




AXA Assurance




AIA Insurance




SMJK Chong Hwa KL




Sam Poh Thong Ampang KL




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Principal,Teachers at SMJK Phor Tay Penang

Students at SJKC Jinjiang North Kuala Lumpur

Principals, teachers at Sjkc Davidson Kuala Lumpur

President and School Inspector at 吉隆坡华小校长研讨会

Board directors and PTA chairman at Tsun JIn Primary KL

Parents at Taman Connaught Primary, Kuala Lumpur

Parents at Sri KL International School

PTA committee St. Joseph Institution, Singapore

 Chairman and Vice Principals at Chung Ling High Penang


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Principal and PTA committee at  SJKC Tsun JIn Kuala Lumpur

 Parents at Hin Hua High School, Klang, Malaysia

Parents at Tsun JIn Primary School Kuala Lumpur