Here's What some  parents and teachers Are Saying:



Dr. Lynden Yap, Singapore. After reading our book said:

This is a very good book,  short and sweet, informative"  


Dr. JL Da Costa, M.D. (Spore), F.R.C.P. (Ed.) F.C.C.P. (USA) after reading our book said:

"Excellent, practical, lots of common sense, well written"



Prof. Dr YK Chan,     University Malaya Medical Centre. After reading our book wrote via email:

Wow it is a good read - simple but profound. I enjoyed the books and was very impressed how you managed to write it so simply and yet carry the message through... That is a talent you know very few have. Simplifying things and bringing it to a level that many can understand.



Mr K K Chong, Engineer Malaysia. Suffering from insomnia, stress and palpitation. After practicing  our breathing exercises for 3 months wrote:

" Hi Ann, I can sleep well       without any medication now; No more palpitation, my blood pressure is normal.


Miss YuTing Yong,   undergraduate., Rahman University Malaysia.

Thank you for teaching me the Exercise No. 9 of your book. The lump on my left breast has diminished after 6 months. I'm so grateful that I don't have to go for operation. My mum spent so much money on 3 doctors, and all of them said I must go for operation!!! Thank you so much.


Mrs S P Cheng,                     vice principal, Malaysia,     wrote via email:        

“After doing your exercise, the 'swollen' blood vein near my breast became 'broken line "It  went back to normal in less than 2 months, Thanks”


Mr Mike Zhang, Engineer, Brisbane, Australia

"Hi Ann, I bought your book last month and my wife recovered from her  headache and migraine after doing the exercise(No.8) in your book for about 2 weeks."


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Some institutions which have benefited from our recent parenting seminars:  

















St. Joseph Inst. Spore





Chung Ling High School





Penang Chinese Girls High





Kwang Hwa Pri School





Tsun Jin  Pri School





Taman Connaught Pri Sch


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The pursuit of health is to prevent sickness and pain.

When you do fall sick, you are not the only one who will be suffering; loved ones around you will be sharing your pain mentally, albeit not physically. You are part of nature, just like any living beings, your body has self-healing effects by nature, a gift granted by being part of nature. If you nourish and treat your body properly, nature will always be benevolent to carry out good restorative work on your body without any thought on your part. However, you surely cannot hope to have good health by merely DREAMING about health. You must make constant effort not to go against your body.

I have a friend; he was very ambitious and in his drive for success he neglected to live his life. His life swung between constant rushing and worrying; he hardly paused to consider the needs of his body. When he experienced a serious heart failure and was hospitalized, he turned to me and asked: “What is Wealth without Health?” and he replied to himself “NOTHING”.

No doubt he has worked hard to accumulate his wealth, but despite all the wealth he has, he was not able to regain his health! Though not every man can get abundant wealth, I am sure every man can regain and maintain healthful living.

It is your duty to preserve your health. You owe your health to yourself. Do not waste your health by thinking how much you can spare, thereby neglect its value.

In my journey as an author and parenting speaker, I have always been asked on subjects pertaining to health. I found myself dispatching the same advice repeatedly. Encouraged by the continuous success that my health advice has had on teachers, parents and students around me, I decided I should share my experience systematically, so that I can help others whom I may never have a chance to meet. I decided to write: “There Is No Secret to Healthful Living”.

Health is Priceless, Disease is Pricey.

This book is meant to help you to restore and maintain your health naturally by making positive changes in your  habits and the way you breathe, sleep, eat, drink and exercise. With the knowledge  of health, I am confident that anyone who read this simple,  effective and easy guide book will be healthier and happier.


There is No Secret to

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