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Miss YuTin Yong, undergraduate, age 18.                                          Rahman University, Malaysia. wrote via email:

Thank you for teaching me the Exercise No. 9 of your book. The lump on my left breast has diminished after 6 months when x-ray. I'm so grateful that I don't have to go for the operation. My mother spent so much money on 3 doctors, and all of them said I must go for operation!!! Thank you so much.

Mrs. Cynthia Tan, auditor, age 42, Penang, Malaysia, wrote via email:

I'm diagnosed with a 4.2cm of ovary fibroid, my doctor told me to go for operation if it grows to 5.6cm. After practicing diligently your exercise my fibroid disintegrated and disappeared 3 months later after scanned. Thank you.

Mr. T. R. John, General Manager , N.T. Hong Kong

My blood pressure is normal after doing your exercise No. 7 for 2 months, and my urine frequency is normal now. I don't have to get up in the night to urine anymore. Your exercise No.1 is really fantastic.

Mrs Claire Khor, housewife, Bukit Timah, Singapore.

The cyst on my breast has disappeared after doing your exercise No.9 . and the swollen veins on my leg also disappeared without operation. Thank you very much.

Mr Eric Wong, Subang Jaya, Malaysia;                                                         father of 2 teenage children wrote via email:                                                                                                                                  I attended your parenting talks and bought your parenting books. Your tips and workbooks are very useful. I'm sure to improve my relationships with my children. Thanks        


Mrs Winnie Ong, mother of a teenage daughter wrote again 6 months later after reading our books via email                                                   Ann, we are doing fine, thank you. Your book is like our family reference.

Mr Alex Mike , Hong Kong , father of 3 children Says via our blog:

Parenting is really not easy. I have to work very hard to support my 3 kids and my wife is always sick. I wonder where is the ‘torch’ to guide me to the brighter side. The parenting books contain good tips which really work. Thanks.

Mrs Ladyn, Jakarta, Indonesia , mother of 2 sons, Says:

Hi Folks, I read both book and grateful that the book provides good tips to communicate with my teens boy. The “Feng Shui” tips also created my awareness of Chinese Ancient feng shui. Thanks for those wonderful tips which help to improve my children behavioral problems.

Ms Lena, Johor ,Malaysia , mother of 1 child, Says:

Ever since I read your book, I have improve my relationship with my son. I have found your solutions very useful for parents. Both books provide good tips for parents of teens! I certainly have become a much happier mother, thanks.

Ms Seng S L, Says:

It’s true, our teenager problem is an individual problem. Reading and learning the ancient Chinese feng shui parenting tips is very wonderful! I am feeling great learning those powerful tips. I am looking forward to enjoy a positive and harmonious relationships with my children. I recommend other parents to try the feng shui tips. Thanks and thanks again

Mrs Josephine Loius, London, UK Says:

I wish I’ve read your book earlier! Parenting will be easier with your practical guide. Anyway it’s still not too late for me and my wife to be better mum and dad. Your workbook is interesting, Thanks.

Ms Jarorline, Arizona, USA  Says:

I always want and dream to have good loving relationship with my kids, glad your book contains tips that I have neglected. I am determined to improve and change my parenting style. Thank you.

Mr Tommy li , Taipei, Taiwan Says:

Great, the Chinese Feng Shui Tips are very useful! Those tips have helped to improve my two teenage boys’ behavior and college performance. My sister read the book and applied some tips to her son too. I am confident her son will be a better boy soon. Thanks

Mr Kenny Lee, Hong Kong Says:

Well, it’s great to learn about Chinese Feng Shui Tips . My wife told me those tips were really wonderful. My children improved in their behavior and school performance. Parents should try to learn those tips, they are practical, simple and effective too. Wish all parents know these tips to help their children. Thanks.

Mr Zhang Long, Shanghai, China Says:

Thanks the meaningful magazine and articles, I am a single father after reading your article, i realize that I have not been a good father since my wife left me. I promise myself to understand my children more, and I will also apply the feng shui tips. Your parenting tips are really true and wonderful. I hope to be a happy good father. Thanks again.

Ms Lee Wan Singapore, mother of 2 children Says:

I read your parenting book and truly agreed with your tips. I’ve spent thousands of dollars in consulting child specialist and it hardly work. Your solutions written in the book which costs me only S$27, and it works! I managed to improve my relationship with my girls, and I am reading your book over n over like a bible to remind myself. It’s a great book! Thanks alot.

Mr Thomas, Bedok, Singapore, father of single child Says:

The feng shui parenting tips are great! I hang a curtain at the toilet door which is directly facing my son’s room 3 weeks ago, and my son really improve in his health and behavior! He’s a healthier and happier boy now, thanks your simple yet effective tips!

Mr Fajar Abidin, Brunei, father of 2 children

Though I am a muslim, I do believe in Chinese Feng Shui. I bought your book and applied your parenting tips. my family can feel the difference in our home now. Children’s rooms are cleaned and painted with the correct color. my son and daughters like to stay in their room and study without me forcing them anymore! Thanks.

Mr Billywill, Perth, Australia says:

Hi, is feng shui a geomancy? Can your tips apply to adults? I tried on my kids and I think it works so I like to try on my other family member, please advise me, thanks alot.

Mr Vathuna  V P, Bangalore, India, father of 2 children Says:

interesting chinese feng shui. In india we believe in feng shui too. I read your book and thankful for your practical tips. I love my children, and surely want to improve their lives even though they are doing quite well at the moment. Thanks again.

Mrs Karina, Jakarta, Indonesia Says:

Feng Shui is fantastic! I read your book and discover my children are facing all the wrong directions and edges. I rearrange their beds and desks last week. Thank you very much,

Ms Camila, Woodland, Singapore Says:

on 5/19 i bought your book and applied your feng shui tips, just can’t believe myself to see the changes in my daughter, she’s getting more more happier and healthier, many many thanks.

Mr Martin Li, Hong Kong Says:

Yes, feng shui is amazing, it works, my daughter told me she slept better in her rearranged room, we made changes on may 5, it took abt 6 weeks ago to see the effect, though her favourite color is purple, now she agrees to change her bed cover to blue which is her lucky color according to your book. Thanks Ann.